Thanks for stopping by the pricing tab. Pricing of an artists work is always a very personal decision. By the time you add in the equipment, travel, training, material etc. it is really hard to make a sustainable living. One may think these prices are high but they are really reasonable. I have listed the prices for the most popular sizes. If you want a different size shoot me an email at and will try my best to accomadate you.  You will also find that there are different material used for each size such as metal surfaces and these photos naturally would be more. By the way, metal photos are gorgeous for some types of photos.  We also sell mugs, key chains, T-shirts etc.  So have fun poking around the galleries.

8x10-   $25.95

11x14- $ 49.95

12x18- $ 81.95

16x20- $127.95

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